How to Use Brand Consistency for Lead Generation and Increased Conversions

Brand consistency is the easiest thing you can do in your business to increase brand awareness and grow your audience. But it takes a conscious effort.

In this article, you’ll learn how and why consistency works and where it matters, all in an effort to change how you approach your brand and client experience. Ready?

Let’s dive in!


the ripple effect of brand consistency

When a brand prioritizes consistency, the ripple effect over time is wildly beneficial for both lead generation and increased conversions. Here’s how brand consistency works in a nutshell:

  • The first phase is increased brand awareness, in other words, how recognizable your brand is.
  • Once brand awareness has been established, this leads to brand familiarity — how accustom they are to seeing your brand.
  • The more familiar you become, the more comfortable they feel with your brand, which increases the level of trust they have in you.
  • And finally, once trust has been established, the more willing they are to spend their hard earned money on your brand, leading to more sales.


Consistency and familiarity is something we crave as humans. When things are familiar to us, it evokes a feeling of comfort in us.

If you’ve ever been lost somewhere before, imagine that feeling when you finally recognize a building, street, or insert any other example here and you are immediately relieved and comforted by the familiar sight.

It’s just the way our brains are wired. So when it comes to your brand, as people start to recognize the familiar styles, colours, patterns, and typography that you use, it actually causes their brains to produce dopamine, which makes them feel better. [1]

To build brand awareness and work towards earning the trust of their future customers, a brand must aim to produce content that looks and feels familiar.

In fact, a study by Lucidpress revealed that brand consistency has the ability to increase a brand’s revenue by 33%.


By delivering a consistent brand experience, your audience builds a stronger, more reliable impression of you and you are able to earn their trust. This trust is the tipping point to converting your leads into paying clients.

Each time someone interacts with your brand — whether it’s online, in store or in a magazine — if the elements are consistent, the brand experience will be stronger for it.

Successfully maintaining brand consistency with high quality visuals and cohesive messaging will not just captivate your audience, but deliver a feeling of familiarity and trust. This boosts your brand equity and improves your bottom line.

Four Ways Brand Consistency Gives You Back Time in Your Business

  1. it streamlines your decision-making
  2. it keeps you on target to achieve your goals
  3. it gives you parameters to work within
  4. it allows you to track progress (what’s working from what isn’t)
women taking photo of desktop


How You Look

  • specific visual characteristics
  • cohesive customer touch points
  • image style and tone

How You Sound

  • brand voice
  • central messaging
  • core values

How You Show Up

  • content strategy
  • your offers
  • mindful engagement


Circling back to the ripple effect of brand consistency, there are two key areas that are positively impacted by brand consistency:

How it Works for Lead Generation

Simple consistent acts make for increased memorability.

  • It makes it easy for people to spot you, no matter where they find you
  • Which increases brand awareness
  • A strategically designed brand will attract more leads from your desired audience
  • Increasing engagement with quality leads can further expand your reach

How it Works for Existing Followers

Brands that are familiar and relatable make us feel comfortable

  • It establishes familiarity among your followers
  • Their familiarity grows into comfort and furthers their curiosity in your brand
  • When all areas of your brand remain consistent, trust is established
  • Trust is the tipping point for converting followers into clients


When it comes to conscious brand consistency, it’s really about creating good habits for your brand.

Things that cause inconsistency include:

  • not having a brand strategy
  • no awareness of the big brand picture
  • no established brand guidelines or not following your guidelines
  • no social media or content strategy
  • no central messaging and offer strategy

Ways to start becoming more consistent with your brand:

  • establish brand guidelines
  • create content pillars
  • align all of your customer touch points
  • establish your brand voice
  • distill your brand messaging
  • curate a brand image library

And while knowing is one thing, taking action is where it really matters. Inside my free Conscious Brand Consistency Guide, you’ll dive into the critical stages of your client’s conversion journey.

Through a series of tasks, you’ll learn how to activate each stage with ease and intention.

The Critical Stages of Your Client’s Conversion Journey

  4. TRUST

If you download the guide—from which this article has been a preview—you’ll learn what conscious choices are required to activate each stage successfully in order to move your client along their journey.

actions for the critical stages of your clients conversion journey
A preview of the action strategies inside the Conscious Brand Consistency Guide

The goal for this guide is to offer service-based business owners strategies to upgrade their brand experience through simple consistent acts leading to more brand awareness, brand equity, and brand loyalty.

I’m Jenny, a brand strategist and business mentor who works with female service providers to discover the brand that’s already within their business. At Jenny Henderson Studio, we believe that everyone can earn a living doing what they love. It’s our mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs pursue their passion for a more fulfilling life.



Jenny is a brand strategist and designer who works with service-based solopreneurs who are struggling with brand awareness.

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Jenny Henderson

Jenny is a brand strategist and designer who works with service-based solopreneurs who are struggling with brand awareness.