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One of the most common challenges startups and small businesses face is getting their brand seen by the right people. With so many brands competing for our attention, you might be wondering how you can increase your brand awareness without spending your monthly income on paid ads.

Here are five…

How to Increase Traffic and Repurpose your Content

why your small business needs a blog cover

In the world of small business, you need to be creative and intentional with how you generate traffic to your website. Sure, you can funnel money into Google Ads but why not save your cash and start building your organic traffic strategy?

How do you do this? By having a…

Now more than ever, startups, entrepreneurs and companies-of-one are popping up all over the place. Technology has made it so easy for us all to turn our passions and side-hustles into careers-which is truly incredible.

This landscape of opportunity, however, means there is an influx of businesses just like us…

Part 2 | Writing Copy That Converts

One of the biggest challenges to writing copy that converts is keeping it succinct. People don’t want to read a lengthy paragraph to find out what you’re selling. In fact, they won’t read it at all. You need to convey to your audience exactly what you’re selling, how it benefits…

PART 1 — Clarifying Your Message

There’s more to brand strategy than the visual aesthetic. Sure, you need to get noticed, but you also need to captivate and retain their interest through your brand messaging. You cannot rely solely on your visual presence to grow your business. …

Jenny Henderson

Designing meaningful brands that empower passionate entrepreneurs www.jennyhendersonstudio.com

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