6 Need-to-Have Logo Designs for Your Business

How to Design a Versatile Brand Identity



You know you need to design a logo for your new business and you really want to make it count. But, before you embark on designing your own logo, I want you to understand why you need more than one logo for your business and brand.

You need logo designs to adapt to different brand touch points

There are a myriad of places your company logo design will end up. From your website, social media profiles, business cards, marketing materials, social media posts, and so much more. Each of these brand touch points will benefit from a different sized logo.

logo placement based on dimensions
The wide logo (left) is hard to read in the round proportions of a social profile whereas the round logo design (right) fills the space fully for better brand recognition. [image by author]

You need logo designs that can scale down without losing legibility

Anywhere you use one of your company logos, you want it to be easy to recognize, no matter the scale. With many of our brand touch points existing on a screen that fits inside your hand, you need a super simple logo design that scales way down with ease.

Disney’s logo collection gets increasingly simple
Disney’s logo collection gets increasingly simple [image by author]

Versatile logo designs allow you to communicate more about your brand

In branding, communication is everything. There are ways to add versatility to your logo designs that allow you to increase communication with your audiences. Adding locations, taglines, and even websites alongside your logo designs will benefit your business, especially as you build brand awareness.

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There are six logo design styles you should be striving to have in your brand identity. Each of these 6 logos plays a different role in your brand. However, as you’ll learn in a moment, some designs can fill multiple roles at once.

1. Primary Logo Design

Your primary logo design is the flagship design for your business. It will typically include the most detail and is often a combination mark design. If you have a tagline for your brand, I encourage you to make a version of your primary logo design that incorporates your tagline for increased versatility.

song moon press logo design
Song Moon Press has a very detailed, artistic primary logo design. [designs by author]

2. Alternative Logo Design

The alternate logo design should be a variation of your primary logo. You want to feature as many of the same details as your primary but in differing proportions. For instance, if your primary design is particularly wide in proportion, make your alternate logo design stacked or tall.

alternate logo design
The alternate logo design for Song Moon Press is a stacked typographic design inside the moon. [designs by author]

3. Wordmark Logo Design

Your wordmark logo design is a simple, typographic logo variation. These can be in one brand font or a font pairing depending on the name and logic of your business name.

wordmark logo designs
Song Moon Press actually has two wordmarks: the stacked design and the horizontal design. [designs by author]

4. 1:1 Logo Design — Round or Square

Many logo placements require 1:1 proportions. Think of your Zoom profile, Gmail account or Instagram profile. You want your logo to fill the entire space adequately, without sacrificing legibility. in some instances, your primary logo may be too detailed to fit these logo placements in which case you need to design a logo that is made specifically for those proportions.

round logo design
For Song Moon Press, their stacked logo design works perfectly as a 1:1 design. Depending on the logo placement, they may also be able to substitute this logo design for a brandmark design. [design by author]

5. Simplified Brandmark Logo Designs

Your brandmark is a super simple logo that can be used in a supporting role. The goal is to have a logo design that is easy to decipher as YOUR BRAND when scaled down very small. Your brandmark logo design will typically borrow a key icon from your primary logo or, for typographic logo designs, this will often be a monogram.

brandmark logo designs
Song Moon Press has a collection of brandmarks to choose from. [designs by author]

6. Colour Variations for Logos

Finally, you want to ensure you have a range of colour variations for your logo designs. Generally, I tend to include each of my client’s logos in each of their brand colours. But at the very least, you want one in your signature brand colour(s) and one in white or your lightest brand colours. This allows you to use your logos over dark backgrounds and over coloured photography.

A colour reverse logo design is necesary to ensure you can successfully adapt your logos to any colour or photo background [design by author]The more detailed your logos, especially with colour, the more challenging it can be to create colour variations that make sense. My best piece of advice is to keep your logo designs super simple in terms of colour.

Let’s recap the six logo designs your business needs:

  1. primary logo design
  2. alternate logo design
  3. wordmark design
  4. 1:1 ratio logo design (round or square)
  5. simplified brandmark design
  6. colour variations

Watch my reel on designing different logo designs for the Song Moon Press brand identity.


Don’t discredit your business by using a Canva logo template — those designs are used by so many other businesses and if standing out and building brand awareness is important to you — a logo template won’t help you one bit!

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Jenny is a brand strategist and designer who works with service-based solopreneurs who are struggling with brand awareness. www.jennyhendersonstudio.com

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Jenny Henderson

Jenny is a brand strategist and designer who works with service-based solopreneurs who are struggling with brand awareness. www.jennyhendersonstudio.com